Pro Tech Quality Solutions

Detailed instructions and visual aids are generated for each project to ensure that fully trained Pro Tech Inspectors and Supervisors clearly understand the inspection process and ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Projects are audited at regular intervals to verify effectiveness and to identify potential failure modes and continual improvement initiatives for quality and efficiency. Sort Data are posted to our website daily to improve communication with customers and expedite the corrective action process.

Rework can often provide a cost effective alternative to scrapping product, or may even be required to keep lines running. Enhanced versions of our detailed instructions and visual aids, coupled with separate procedures designed to minimize the risk of escapes, allow us to successfully turn costly scrap in to conforming product that meets your specifications. Projects are audited at regular intervals to verify effectiveness and ensure that the rework process is stable and providing the expected results.

Whether short or long term containment is necessary, Pro Tech has the experience and expertise to ensure you and your customer are protected from non-conforming product entering the production process. Our teams specialize in partnering with customers at the outset to clearly define the problem, gather and analyze the data, identify the root cause and expedite implementation of permanent corrective action to minimize the unbudgeted costs of quality.

Pro Tech understands the importance of a smooth launch and how it can impact current and future business opportunities for our customers. By partnering with our customers in a proactive manner we eliminate escapes and provide immediate feedback to the production line so that processes can be fully stabilized before reaching full production.

Pro Tech offers full service representation with a broad network of qualified quality professionals to help improve relationships with your customers and provide vital information via detailed daily reports. We offer custom plans to meet your specific needs resulting in significant cost savings by eliminating travel expenses and the opportunity cost of having key resources out of the manufacturing facility.

By building long term relationships with our customers, and a broad network of strategic alliances, we often know when new products are in the design phase and can help identify opportunities for our customers to expand their business.